is now
Evan and Don pounding the
drums at The Roof Garden
Ballroom, Arnold's Park, Iowa
September, 2005
(look close!)
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For those who are new to The Red Dogs, they began as an industrial
strength  Rock and Soul show  band which toured regularly through 14
mid-western states during the 1960's.  
Today, they have grown into a into
a broad scope production and entertainment company with diverse audio,
video, production, content development and delivery company.   The Red
Dogs now provide end-to-end design and delivery services to a variety of
industries, though they begin with a focus on the entertainment industry.  
Now the industries supported include electronics and high tech, consumer
products, and communications, as well as entertainment.
Inside their web site you will find biographies of original band
members, music samples, pictures from the 1960's as well as more
recently, and a history of the group.   And we'll be doing our best to
keep this site updated... so check back with us for new info!
Tour Events     
The Red Dogs logo was created from a picture taken on the college campus at Manhattan, KS, 1965.
Evan is lower center, Don is far right.  Picture was taken by John Brown.
Kansas Music Hall of Fame, Jan, 2005.  Left to right, Randall, Mike, Evan, Jack, Doug, Don, Steve D., Butch, Jerry and Steve E.
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What’s New?
Who Are We?
The Red Dogs recently provided content design, production
engineering, A/V integration and delivery services
at the amazing
Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.  Joining the group was the
talented Max Carl,
of Grand Funk Railroad.